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For those who are not familiar with structural steel, it is an alloy made of carbon and iron. It is used for a multitude of constructional purposes, through the manufacturing of various structural shapes. A structural steel shape is a profile, formed with a specific cross section. Structural steel companies must follow strict standards in most industrialized countries, for things such as chemical composition and mechanical properties. Regulated items include shapes, sizes, strengths, and storage practices.

Common shapes include the…

  • I-beam (I shaped cross section) In the US it includes Wide Flange (WF or W-Shape and H cross sections)
  • Z-shape (Half a flange in opposite directions)
  • HSS Shape (Hollow Structural Section) This includes square, rectangular, circular, and elliptical cross sections.
  • Angle (L-shaped cross section)
  • Structural channel, or C-beam/C-cross section
  • Tee (T-shaped cross section)
  • Rail profile (asymmetrical I beam)
  • Bar, a rectangular cross sectioned piece of metal. The bar is flat and long. However is a small bit thinner than a sheet.
  • Rod, a round or long square piece of metal

  US Structural Steel Standards

Steels used for building construction in the US use standard alloys identified and specified by ASTM International. These steels have an alloy identification beginning with A followed by up to four numbers. The four-numbered AISI steel grades are commonly used for purposes including mechanical engeneering, machines, and vehicles are a completely different specification series.

A few Regulations for steel structures are…

  • EN 10025-1 (Steel Sections and plate)
  • EN 10219-1 and EN 10210-1(Hollow sections)
  • EN 14399-1 (Pre-loadable bolts)
  • EN 15048-1 (Non Pre-loadable bolts)
  • EN 1090-1   (Fabricated steel)



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